The show came about when "The Big 5"  ITV companies of the time, London Weekend Television, Yorkshire, Granada, Thames and Central decided not to bid for the new Saturday morning kids' TV slot. Instead, a first for ITV, the show would be made in co-operation by all the remaining smaller ITV regional franchise holders, those companies were: Grampian Television, Scottish Television, Border Television, HTV West, HTV Wales, TSW, Anglia, Ulster Television and Tyne-Tees Television.

TVS also made one episode during the second series.

Channel Television supplied Get The Joke comedy and wildlife inserts for the programme.

Anglia Television also supplied: The Vicious Boys' game show Get Lost and later Charlotte's game show Get Mucky.

Tyne-Tees TV also had the responsibility of managing the show, shooting the pilot and providing the base for the "Get Fresh Central Unit" which was based at the T-TTV offices in London.
Some of the key players in the show were:

Commissioning editors (i.e. head of the Children's ITV regional committee): Anna Home, Trish Kinane, Paul Corley

At the central unit:
Series #1 (1986)
Janet Street-Porter  Series Producer
Tim Edmunds    Producer

Series #2 (1987)
Mike Forte Producer
Ben Robinson Associate producer
and Janet Street-Porter in an advisory role as Executive Producer

Series #3 (1988)
Mike Forte (now promoted to Series Producer)
Ben Robinson Associate Producer
and Janet Street-Porter in an advisory role as Executive Producer

Tyne-Tees   Royston Mayo, Leslie Oakden, Malcom Dickinson
Border TV   Harry King, Paul Corley
Scottish Television   Anne Mason, Dermot McQuarry
Grampian Television   James Brown
Anglia   Sally Frazer (now Sally Boutswood)
TSW   Paul Stewart-Lang
TVS   John Coombes
HTV Wales   John Meade
HTV West   Ken Price
Ulster Television   ??

Those in Charge
Janet Street-Porter was given the job of creating a live Saturday morning show that would be cool, stylish, a little anarchic and made by a different TV company every week!

Tim Edmunds was the man given the job of turning Janet's wild ideas into a reality, he did a fine job and set the mould for all future episodes.

Mike Forte was a key player, apart from being the producer of series 2 & 3 he was the man who invented Gilbert.


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