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Speed Music

SpeedMusic The Only Station You Will Ever Need


published: 24 July 2012
duration: 34' 07"

Presented by: Gareth Jones with Richard Porter & Zog

#178 SpeedMusic. The return of the Gareth Jones On Speed Summer Music Compilation. Stars of F1 and alternative radio come together to host the coolest car music radio station ever. Plus new music as Rou Leed sings Chicks Dig Cars.

Featuring peole who sound *slightly* like Patrick Head, Flavio Briatore, Gary Anderson, Mike Gascoyne, Damon Hill, Jenson Button, Mark Radical and Cary Growler and Noddy Holder.

Rou Leed - Chicks Dig Cars

Rou Leed - Chicks Dig Cars

Mickey, he had a girlfriend
She had beautiful hair
But soon it was the end of their relationship
Coz, he rode a motorcycle everywhere.
Now he bears the scars
Of a man who goes alone to bars
He might as well look for a new girlfriend on Mars
Because chicks dig cars
Chicks dig cars.

So Mickey decided to buy himself a pushbike
Hoped it would make him handsome and fit
But his next girlfriend left him for a guy with a Saab Turbo
She’d realised Mickey was a bit of a twit.

Now Mickey doesn't ride that bike any more
In fact he don’t ride anything at all
While his ex-girlfriend ride a Swede called Lars
Because chicks dig cars
Yeah, chicks just dig cars

From then on Mickey used public transport
Became a green and socialist kinda guy
That didn't’ attract any women either
I’m sure you can guess why.

Finally Mickey caved in, after thinking real hard
He got himself some wheels
But an AMC Pacer didn't’ pull him chicks
Because chicks dig cool automobiles

But gotta be decent cars
Chicks dig cool cars
Chicks dig cool cars

Mickey decided he needed some action
Took some action of his own
Bought a Bentley equipped with a blower 
And yep he got himself blown

Chicks dig cars
Chicks dig cars

Now Mickey had a wife, and was mostly happy
So good so far
But his wife divorced him   
Took the house and the Bentley
Because this chick dug cars

Yeah she really dug cars
More that she dug him.

Written, performed & produced by Gareth Jones


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The songs appearing in his music compilation are all original compositions by Gareth Jones, apart from *5 Michael Cumming & Gareth Jones


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Chicks Digs Cars

  1. Rou Leed -Chicks Dig Cars (First Play)


© Gareth Jones 2005-2012