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The GJoS F1 Car

The Greatest Race Car Livery Ever?


published: 03 June 2012
duration: 30' 16"

Presented by: Gareth Jones, Richard Porter & Zog

#172 The Greatest Motorsport Liveries Of All Time. We each choose our top 3 paint schemes on race cars – what would you choose? Sniff Petrol on F1FM and the Scottish weather. Plus Funnybone prepare us for Le Mans with new music as they perform 24 Hours.

Massive thanks to Alex Odell www.ajokay.com for creating the image of a Gareth Jones On Speed F1 car livery - (have you seen who our driver would be?)


Funnybone - 24 Hours

I’ve packed my bags
It only took 2 days
Making sure I’ve got everything I need
A tent, coat, shorts, boots and a hat and binoculars
That should see me through the week.

I know I said I do those things for you
Build a kitchen flat pack,
Paint the kids' room…again!
I will be back for our anniversary.
But there’s a date I have to make, it's work honest
And I thank you for letting me go.

When I come back from there
I’ll have had my fill
And I’ll bring you back a gift of flowers.
I’ll only be gone for the 24 hours

(And they race their race.)
(And they race their race)
Yes I’ll only be gone for the 24 hours
Yes, I’ll only be gone for the 24 hours
Yes, I’ll only be gone

.......for the 24 hours.

Written, performed & produced by Gareth Jones
String keyboards & vocal choir - Steve Allan Jones

© Gareth Jones 2005-2012