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F1 Logo 2018

A Logo Evolved

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published: 29 March 2018

duration: 40' 12"

Presented by: Gareth Jones, Richard Porter and Zog.

#334 Australian Grand Prix. F1’s back, with a new logo, new title music and the debut of the halo at the race weekend. We discuss the implications of the changes. Sniff Petrol on Mercedes’ timekeeping and Guenther Steiner. Plus new music: F1’s Back 2018.

F1's Back

Gareth Jones On Speed - F1’s Back 2018

F1’s back 2018
The Halo means the drivers can’t be seen
Though it looks ruddy awful you can see the reason
Like having just 3 engines
For the entire season
Honda say they’re sorted
But I suspect they’re lying
Meanwhile Bottas hit the wall in qualifying
The wheels came off both of the Haas
Giving Lewis Hamilton a pain in the ass
Vettel took on Lewis who had the quickest whip by far
And passed him in the pit lane during a (virtual) safety car
As wins go you gotta admit, this one was bizarre
But which of those two will earn themselves
A fifth helmet star?


Written, perfomed & produced by Gareth Jones

© Gareth Jones 2005-2018