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f1 2014

Turbo Time

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Congratulations to on the birth of "Little Sniff".

published: 16 March 2014

duration: 27' 09"

Presented by: Gareth Jones & Zog

#218 Reaction to the first F1 race, delivered at turbo pace. Nico’s win, Ricciardo’s name, Chilton’s voice, and Marussia’s sinister plans. A guest appearance by Sniff Petrol’s Troy Queef with news of a new beginning. Plus On Speed music: F1’s back 2014.

F1's Back

Gareth Jones On Speed - F1’s Back 2014

F1’s back with a new concerto
Slightly muted (that’ll be the turbo)
The new regulations have shuffled up the pack
Except for the teams at the back who are crap.

Now the drivers have numbers not the team
Maldonado unlucky 13

Mercedes looking strong & McLaren on the bubble
And somewhat unusually Red Bull are in trouble

Kimi hit the wall in qualifying
Lewis got pole but Ricciardo was flying

Danny “tripping balls”
But with a high fuel rate
Ricciardo lost his smile
Excluded from the race.
Rosberg was the winner and he made his mark
They say the champion often wins the race at Albert Park.

Written, recorded, performed & produced (in 1 day) by Gareth Jones

© Gareth Jones 2005-2014