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Welcome to the official website for TV presenter Gareth Jones


On this website you’ll find details of the many shows Gareth has made since he first started hosting TV in 1985, right up to the present day – including Tomorrow's World, How2, The Big Bang, Speed Sunday, A1 Grand Prix and – under his roadie nickname ‘Gaz Top’, Music Box and the almost legendary 80s yoof show, Get Fresh. There are rare clips from some of these shows on the site, so make sure you check out the Gallery section to download retro footage, and to catch up on his recent programmes such as Gareth Jones: Nofio Adre (Swimming Home), The Tale Of Two Welsh Cars, The Jones Brothers and Rockin' The Gogs. We hope you enjoy the myriad of information and media found within these pages. Do get in touch if you have suggestions, or questions, as any input is more than welcome. There's plenty going on in the Gareth Jones On Speed pages, (new episodes every 14 days), Gareth Jones On Speed also has a presence on Facebook. There is now an official Gareth Jones - Gaz Top Facebook page or if you want to be kept in touch with updates and news about Gareth's car podcast go to the Gareth Jones On Speed Facebook page. Or you can now follow Gareth on Twitter

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