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If you are an iTunes user you can add this podcast feed to your software via ONE CLICK SUBSCRIPTION

If you would like to subscribe to "Gareth Jones On Speed" and get the latest edition automatically using RSS Feed then here's how.

If you want it on your desktop computer or laptop you will need to download a free podcast receiver such as iTunes or here are some other suggestions
Next, click on the RSS Feed button on this page, and copy the URL of the RSS feed (i.e. the address of the page containing the rss feed info) in other words copy to your clipboard.

Then, launch your podcast receiver.

In iTunes, select Advanced, Subscribe to Podcast and paste the URL from your clipboard.

Every time you sync your mobile media player with your computer; the latest edition of Gareth Jones On Speed will automatically be updated to your player for you to listen to ...whenever you like!

However most people listen to podcasts on their phone, if you are an iPhone user install Apple Podcasts or on Android use Google Podcasts. Once you have installed one of those two simply search Gareth Jones On Speed in the app and hit subscribe

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