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Video Podcast 034 (pt1 & pt2) - Gareth Jones On Speed ep200 LIVE Video Version

Gareth Jones On Speed 200 LIVE VIDEO

Live And On Video
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published: 04 July 2013

part 1 duration: 42' 22"

part 2 duration: 52' 44"

Featuring: Gareth Jones, Richard Porter & Zog

Video#34Pt1 (Video version of #200Part1). Watch as we celebrate 200 episodes with a live edition of Gareth Jones On Speed, We take your messages live from social networks and play some of our favourite tunes from the first 9 seasons.

Video#34Pt2 (Video version of #200Part2). Watch as we share some of the best and frankly worst bits of Gareth Jones On Speed from our first 199 shows and respond to your messages on social networks and reveal the stories behind classic On Speed music.

Apologies for the poor video quality at the start of part 2. The only video material available to cover this section was recorded from the live stream. Deep thanks to uber-listener Dave Stebbings for providing it, and Jonathan Sanderson for his diligent work in synching it to the audio. The picture quality does return towards the end of that episode.

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