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Alex, Gareth & Zog

The Boys In The 'Hood

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published: 29 April 2021

duration: 00:55:48

Presented by: Gareth Jones, Alex Goy & Zog

#414 EVs, WEC, FE & Indy. Lots of new electric vehicles appear. The World Endurance Championship begins, but where’s Glickenhaus? What went wrong for Formula E at Valencia. How are things going in the 2021 IndyCar season? Kraftwürst perform A Nuclear Car.

F1's Back 2021

Kraftwürst – A Nuclear Car

There a trend that’s storming the nation

An electric car driven by radiation

Isotopes decay in inverse square law

I want power, this gives me more.


A nuclear car


This atomic trend is scaring the nation

Because of the risk of genetic mutation

This evolution’s not the finished article

We must account for the effect of the atomic particle.


A nuclear car

(Geiger counter solo)


Freedom of movement, liberty

Fission for you and me

HG Wells, visionary, “A World Set Free”

Set free

Set free.


You don’t need to worry about uranium

My powerful people mover’s powered by plutonium

It’s entirely safe, there is no drama

Humans in control from alpha to gamma.


A nuclear car


Written, performed & produced by Gareth Jones

Additional rhythm programming by Steve Allan Jones.

© Gareth Jones 2005-2021