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Team Langoustine

published: 04 June 2020

duration: 00:53:59

Presented by: Gareth Jones, Sarah Leach, Phil McNamara & Zog

#391 Everything Must Change. How F1 returns to racing next month. Phil McNamara Editor-In-Chief of Car on how his magazine and the car industry is coping with massive changes in 2020. Plus Jiggy Pup and The Crumps on the development of aerodynamics in F1.

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Jiggy Pap & The Crumps – Racing With Wings

Oh back in the ‘50s
Race cars weren’t so quick
They had engines in the front
And tires that weren’t slick
The focus was on engines
And suspension mechanics
They didn’t consider
The aerodynamics.

And the advantage it brings
To go racing with wings.

In the 1960s
Engines moved back
Drivers sat low
With their ass on the track.
Then some genius
Thought for a bit
Made a suggestion
”Stick a wing on it”.
”Hey, it might give us a win
If we go racing with wings”.
We gotta thank Chaparral they did first
Wings worked for sports cars
But in F1 they were cursed

A wing snapped off a Lotus
In Barcelona
Jochen Rindt & Graham Hill
Both almost goners.
Consider the danger it brings
To go racing with wings.

Oh, those very first wings sat high and mighty
When they popped off the back the cars became flighty
But the wings satisfied the race teams’ needs
By significantly raising
The cornering speeds.

Yeah, it’s just one of those things
When you go racing with wings.

Jim Hall was a clever guy
He had lots of aero ideas
That he wanted to try
He put skirts on his car
That brushed the deck
Low and behold
What the heck
I said whoooo!
Ground effect.

I don’t need no wings no more
Gonna lower the pressure under the floor
I even might use fans to suck it out the back
Gonna stick that sucker right to the track
There aint no going back
To racing with wings.


Written, performed and produced by Gareth Jones


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