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published: 21 Nov 2019

duration: 00:54:42

Presented by: Gareth Jones, Sarah Leach, Richard Porter and Zog, with Andy Green

#378 Lewis' 6th, Le Mans '66, Bloodhound 600mph, We celebrate Lewis achievement. review the Ford vs Ferrari movie and talk with Andy Green driver of Bloodhound LSR. Sniff Petrol on the movies and Toto's weekend off. Plus Hamilton’s' anthem.


  Hamilton's Anthen (sung in Finnish)

God save our gracious Queen,

Jumala pelastaa armollinen Kuningatar,

Long live our noble Queen,

Eläköön jalo Kuningatar,

God save the Queen;

Jumala pelastaa Kuningatar;

Send her victorious,

Lähetä hänelle voittaja,

Happy and glorious,

Iloinen ja kunniakas,

Long to reign over us,

Kauan hallita meitä,

God save the Queen.

Jumala pelastaa kuningatar.

Vocals: Gareth Jones

Keyboards: Violet Berlin


© Gareth Jones 2005-2019