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published: 08 Aug 2019

duration: 00:41:36

Presented by: Gareth Jones, Sarah Leach, Richard Porter & Zog

#374 The 2019 On Speed Summer Music Compilation. Retro FM: the station that just loves the 80s. F1 stars Mansell, Rosberg,and Watson. Gordon Murray tells all. We pick the best 80s car. Plus Cosworth DVF a new tune from Private Service Podcasting.


The songs featured in this episode are:

Robin Smith & The Queuer – I Don't Love You Any More (from Show 365)

Theatre Of Destiny – Army Boy (He Drives A Hummer)  (from Show 350)

The Air Güns - The Jean Todt Song (from Show 366)

Pendafad - Râs Yng Nghymru (A Race In Wales) (from Show 362

Liam Dury and The Head Blocks - A Right Johnny Herbert (from Show 360)

Elvin Costello & the Distractions - Elon Musk At Christmas (from Show 356)

Kraftwürst - Lunokhod (from Show 358)

+ Private Service Podcasting - Cosworth DFV (Check) FIRST PLAY

Private Service Podcasting

Private Service Podcasting – Cosworth DFV (Check)

Two names synonymous with advanced engineering in motorsport
Lotus & Colin Chapman
The excitement of a new engine for the world’s top racing machinery
A chassis and engine as an integrated unit
Winning first time out Zandvoort 1967.
No bulky sub frame, save weight, add lightness.
Save weight add lightness.

From drawing board to chequered flag in 1 year.
Breaking lap records.

Jim Clark and Graham Hill,
The Lotus 49 with the Ford Cosworth DFV
The double four valve.

No bulky sub frame.
Save weight.
Add lightness.
No bulky sub frame.
Save weight.
Add lightness.
There are no mysteries, it’s just engineering.

Lightweight compact dimensions and overall simplicity
Aluminium alloy 3 litre V8 - 410 BHP

An integral part of the chassis it supported the rear suspension and was directly attached to the monocoque body
In 1969 and 1973 every World Championship race was won by a DFV-powered car, with the engine taking a total of 155 wins from 262 races between 1967 and 1985.

A racing legend.
The Lotus 49
Keith Duckworth, Mike Costin.
Jim Clark and Graham Hill.
The Lotus and Colin Chapman
The Ford Cosworth DFV: the double four valve.
A racing legend.

Written performed & produced by Gareth Jones
Colin’s Chapman’s voice – Steve Allan Jones.

© Gareth Jones 2005-2019