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Gareth Hyundai Kona & Zog

Next Stop John O'Groats

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published: 30 May 2019

duration: 01:06:58

Presented by: Gareth Jones and Zog

#369 LEJOGEV Gareth and Zog take the challenge of driving from Land’s End to John O’Groats in an electric vehicle. Will the public recharging network, our carefully calculated strategy and the Hyundai Kona we are doing it in allow is to set a new record?

Hyundai Kona Recharging

Recharging at The Chateau Impney Hotel

John O'Groats

We Made It, But Did We Break The Record?

Here are the stats:

We covered 893 miles en route.

We used 298kWh, (just under £60) of electricity, allowing for the charge in the battery when we left Land's End.

Total time for the journey 22 Hours & 44 mins

Total time spent charging 6 hours 13 min

Approx average road speed (whilst running) of 54.12 mph

Recharge Points

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