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VW California

California, Which Is In Wales

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published: 18 October 2018

duration: 00:47:41

Presented by: Gareth Jones, with Rhys Williams

#351 Wales Rally GB in A VW Camper Pt1. Gareth takes a Volkswagen California Ocean camper van into mid-Wales to the high moors and forests of the Myherin stage to record the cars at “Elfyn’s Corner” the very apotheosis of the event for Welsh rally fans.

Gareth at Elfyn's Corner

Gareth at Elfyn's Corner

VW Camper at Myherin

Spot The Welsh Podcaster & Rally Fan's Van At Myherin

Interior VW California at Brunchtime

Brunch Will Be Served Between Stages


Coverage of the 2018 Wales Rally GB continues in Gareth Jones On Speed ep 352 available 7 days after this one.


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