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Gareth & lexus IS 300h

The Silence Of The Lexus

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published: 12 July 2018

duration: 01:14:26

Presented by: Gareth Jones, with Mike Peters & the voices of Steve Allan Jones, Chris Turner and Steve & Carol Summers

#344 Cum On Feel No Noize. Gareth takes a quiet Lexus IS300H F Sport to a loud Slade gig in Snowdonia, chats to people on the M1 and old pal rock star Mike Peters of The Alarm walks and talks us through the cars he drives now and has owned in the past.

Mike Peters & Gareth Jones

Walkie Talkie

Garet Jones & Slade

L-R Mal McNulty (Slade), Gareth Jones (Slade Fan) Arwel Hughes (Stage Manager) Dave Hill (Slade) & John Berry (Slade)

Photos from Snowdonia Rocks Charity Walk & ZipWorld Rocks Festival by Stuart Ling


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