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Japanese Roadster, Welsh Roads

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published: 18 May 2016

duration: 39' 13"

Presented by: Gareth Jones, Richard Porter and Zog

#279 Mazda MX-5, Robo Racing and The Tesla Model 3. Gareth drives the 4th generation of the Japanese roadster. Do race cars need drivers? The latest futuristic electro car from Elon Musk. Comedy from Sniff Petrol. The On Speed Band play MINI Clubman LIVE.

On Speed Band Live

Gareth Jones & The On Speed Band - MINI Clubman (Live at 10 Years On Speed)

All the girls like my Mini Clubman, yeah!
Glam Rock boys like my Mini Clubman, yeah!
Got a really massive sunroof so there's lots of room for my hair

I'll take you for a ride in my Mini Clubman tonight
In my Mini Clubman, I got Angel Delight
Sorry mate, didn't see you on that motorbike

Oh my Clubman is a Mini Traveller – get it right
Got six airbags, so in a crash you're alright
Even if you're driving through south-west London at night.

Oh I like the style of my Mini Clubman, yeah!
Short in front, but long back there
Got quality control by BMW yeah!

Oh my Mini Clubman’s good for all the girls and boys
I bought a Mini Clubman ‘cause it’s good for my voice
My Mini sounds great, c’mon feel the noise (alright, alright, alright!)

Oh I love my Mini Clubman and my Mini Clubman suits me,
Got great a big boot on like Jimmy Lea (alright, alright, alright!)
My Mini Clubman's quicker than a 1275 GT

Oh I love my Mini Clubman for all its glamour and glitz
Oh Love my little Mini, because she fits
Slide the front seat backwards for a legroom blitz
It's, it’s.... a legroom blitz!
Mini Clumban Yeah!


Gareth Jones - Vocals/Guitar
Eddie Macdonald- Guitar/Vocals
Eric Boitier - Drums
Freddie Draper - Bass/Vocals
Steve Allan Jones - Organ
Melissa J. Heathcote - Backing Vocals
Ana-Marie Borg - Backing Vocals

Recording Engineer - Tony Selinger
Written & Produced by Gareth Jones

Recorded live at The Islington, Islington, London 16 Jan 2016

© Gareth Jones 2005-2016