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Brands Of The Future

Alex McFly

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published: 17 November 2015

duration: 41' 05"

Presented by: Gareth Jones, Richard Porter & Alex Goy

#264 Car brands: Which marque will we lose next? And which could come back? Sniff Petrol on Lewis’s fever and John Booth’s farewell. Alex Goy shares his love for the DeLorean DMC12. Plus new On Speed music as Dafydd Bowen sings “Race Car Driver”.

Dafydd Bowen

Dafydd Bowen – Race Car Driver

Race Car Driver    
Born to race
Race Car Driver
Ready to give chase
Race Car Driver
As fit as a fiddle
Race Car Driver
Not just a pretty face

Race Car Driver
Muesli for breakfast
Race Car Driver
Pasta for lunch
Race Car Driver
Grapes for pudding
Race Car Driver
No you mustn’t eat a bunch

Who would deny themself
The pleasures of life?
To stand on the podium
Wife a model for a wife.

A Race Car Driver
That’s who would
A Race Car Driver
He’s a helmeted hood
Race Car Driver
He’s stealing a win
Race Car Driver
Or at least he should…. have.

Race Car Driver
He’s quick as a flash
A Race Car Driver
He’s got pockets full of cash
A Race Car Driver
He doesn’t drink bitter
A Race Car Driver
And he’s never smoked hash.

Who would apply themselves?
In such a single-minded way
Competing whatever the cost
He could get killed today.

A race car driver
Doesn’t care for much else
No religion or philosophy
At least that’s what he tells…….us
He can’t stand loosing
He only wants to win
He’s in it to win it
Qulaifying’s not his thing.

Who would lie to himself?
That this is all there is.
There must be more to life
Than being Billy Whizz.

A race car driver
He’s on top of the class
A Race Car Driver
He’s a pain in the arse
Race Car Driver
Oh he’s the Bee’s Knees
A Race Car Driver
Can’t see the wood for the trees.

A Race Car Driver
Oh you’d hate him if you met him
A Race Car Driver
Then you’d struggle to forget him
A Race Car Driver
He’s a race car driver
A Race Car Driver
Over achiever and a striver.

With your attention to detail
Have you thought of changing tack?
How about a job in retail?
Instead of going round and round a track.
Race car driver.

Sung by Phil Cornwell

Writing, recording, all instruments and mixing by Gareth Jones

© Gareth Jones 2005-2015