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Radio Speed Phone-In

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published: 21 July 2015

duration: 35' 03"

Presented by: Gareth Jones, Richard Porter & Zog

#255 Radio Speed Phone-In. 2015 Summer Music Compilation. Gareth takes calls and music requests from F1 legends to find out what they are doing on their Summer Holidays. Plus “Going Down The Road” a brand-new On Speed tune from Britpop heroes Blurb.

This episode features the following songs.

Walking Heads - 24 Hours Of Racing (Going To Stay Awake All Night) (from ep 246)

Halitosis - (You’ve Got A) Funny Little Way (Of Showing That You Love Me) (from ep 241)

Gareth S#!tkickin' Jones - I Just Don’t Get Formula One (from ep 233)

Fake Bit Polytechnic - Drive To The Horizon (from ep 250)

Melissa J Heathcote - Why Did They Make Nigel Mansell Santa-Claus? (from ep 238)

Kanye East - Woah Lewis (from ep 248)

Blurb - Going Down The Road (BRAND-NEW 1st Play)


Blurb - Going Down The Road

I’ve got a mate who’s radio rental
When he’s on the road he drives like mental
“Oi mate, this is residential”
You better slow down.

We all call ‘im Mutton Geoff
Loud as thunder
But practically deaf
Is it any wonder
That he’ll cause a death?
If he drives like that
(And he drives like that)

He's going down the road
He's going down the road
He's going down the road
He's just going down the road

Drives a Disco
Painted it dayglo
Steering wheel’s a stolen Momo
Got an, iPad, iPhone
He’s even got an ASBO
He will never get old
(He won't get old).

Fuelled by an illegal substance
He’s got speed, he’s got no endurance
Got no tax, got no insurance
But he’s driving down the road
Driving down the road.

He’s going down the road
He's driving down the road
He’s just driving down the road
He's just driving down the road.

Would you Adam and would you Eve it?
He’s dangerous better believe it
He’ll cause a crash, but he’ll survive it
Hit someone in the road
(Get out the road).

Blimey Moses, Oh my God
Silly sod got, nicked by the Plod
No more racing round the ‘hood
Now he’s going down for good.

Oh he’s going down for good
Yeah, he’s going down for good
He’s just going down for good
He’s just going down for good.

I kinda miss him
He’s not a blur going past any more
But I’m guessing now he’s in prison
He’s going down in a way he’s never done before.

Well there you go, he’s learned his lesson
That’s what you get when you’ve been messin’
With the safety of our girls and boys
These are cars mate, not bloody toys!

Oh he’s not going down the road
He won’t be going down the road
He’s not going down the rrrrrroooooad.


Written, performed and produced by Gareth Jones


© Gareth Jones 2005-2015