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Richard Gareth & Zog

Happy For Lewis

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published: 30 November 2014

duration: 32' 19"

Presented by: Gareth Jones, Richard Porter & Zog

#237 Lewis Hamilton 2014 F1 World Champion. Are we happy though? What next for the double champion. Who could beat him next year? The golden age of British motorsport. Sniff Petrol on Carlos Sainz Jnr and Jenson Button. Plus Gareth sings Lewis’s anthem.

Lewis's Anthem

Lewis's Anthem

With a serious God fixation
He’s the quickest of our nation
He wins all the time
But he’s British so that’s fine.

He likes bling, swag and rap
And a straight peak on his cap
But he needs a slap
Coz his beard was crap

His Dad’s from Grenada
But that can’t explain his accent either
Oh the Land of Stevenage
And the Home of Hammer Time.


Words and voice: Gareth Jones

Strings: Violet Berlin

© Gareth Jones 2005-2014