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Th Worst Car Ever

The Worst Car Ever

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published: 05 Decemmber 2013

duration: 34' 45"

Presented by: Gareth Jones, Richard Porter & Zog

#211 The Worst Cars Ever. We nominate the most rubbish cars we can think of, but were they really that bad, or worse than we like to remember? Sniff Petrol on Maldonado and the Lunar Rover. New On Speed music from “Paul Willar” - I Want To Be In Traffic.

Paul Willar- Traffic

Paul Willar - I Want To Be In Traffic

Something inside me
Wants to live in the 60s and the 70s
Where dual carriageways
Were mostly the way
We got around.
And I know this age is fantastic
But I want to be in traffic.

Whoah, back in the 70s man
I was stuck in a Jam
I wanna roll back the years
My ever changing gears
With a DAF Variomatic
I wanna be stuck in traffic.

Oh digital radio’s bad
I’d rather be glad
Listening to static.

<reverse gtr solo>

In the 60s dear
Had plastic seats stuck to me
Inside it’s not the same
MP3s and leather it’s a shame
Oh my decision’s final
Why don’t they bring back vinyl, yeah.

<whistle & harmonica>

There are things I just don’t understand
Keeping cars off the road here in Enger-land
Metric systems’ passed by me
Litres don’t mean a thing to me
Here’s one thing I got my heart on
I wanna pay for my petrol by the gallon.
Here’s one thing I got my heart on
I wanna pay for petrol by the gallon.
Yeah yeah.

I know this future age is fantastic, but just like Stevie Winwood
I wanna be in Traffic.

Instruments & vocals: Gareth Jones

Written, recorded & produced by Gareth Jones.


©Gareth Jones December 2013

© Gareth Jones 2005-2013