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Out Of This World

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published: 22 February 2013
duration: 33' 51"

Presented by: Gareth Jones, Richard Porter & Zog

#192 Car spotting on the street. Shooting brakes and the cars we just don’t see. We each design our car of the future. Sniff Petrol on Proton and Lotus sales in the UK. Plus new music as Barry Numan returns to perform “Lunokhod”.

Barry Numan - Lunokhod

Barry Numan & Subway Navy - Луноход (Lunokhod)

Far out, baby,
Further out, than, east Berlin
Out of this world.
Visiting the next one.

Lunokhod (x4)

Lunokhod Adiem: Mare Imbrium (Sea Of Rains)
Lunokhod Dva: Mare Serenitatis (Sea of Serenity)
Left out there for ever more
Boldly going where no robot car’s ever gone before

Lunokhod (x4)

A Moskvitch on the Lunar surface
In an exclusive club
A Lada for the Moon
Looking like a bath tub.

Lunokhod (x4)

Written, performed & produced by Gareth Jones

car of the future


© Gareth Jones 2005-2013