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Wow! What A Concept.



published: 16 November 2011
duration: 28' 33

Presented by: Gareth Jones, Richard Porter & Zog

#156 We conceptualise on the best and worst concept cars ever. How The Duke of Edinburgh almost saved BMC. Sniff Petrol’s disturbing visions of the future. Plus, why all three boys left the Cub Scouts and why a Ford designer told one of the team to F off.


1979 Bertone Tundra but for who?


1969 Runabout Concept


2003 Visos became what?


If you would like to see the concept cars that we chose as our favourites, click here - we didn't post the images on this page otherwise it would spoil the surprise

The other cars we mentioned in this episode were:

Volvo C30, Austin Allegro, Citroen CX, Citroen GS, Rover SD1, Ford Hot Dog, Ford Zig & Zag, Simca 1000, Lagonda Vignale, Ford Iosis Max, Ford SAV, Ford C-Max, Ford S-Max, Ford Puma Concept, Ford Puma, Ford Racing Puma.

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