Show 98


Radio Ga Ga (reth reth)

published: 19 August 2009
duration: 35' 54"

Presented by: "Crazy" Dave Coulthard, Hospital Radio DJ Felipe Massa, Patrick "Shock Jock" Head, Christian "Little Jack" Horner, Adrian "10101" Newey, Eddie "Me Me Me" Jordan, Flavio "Lurve" Briatore (no, sorry that's wrong, its actually Gareth Jones, Richard Porter and Zog.)

#98 2009 Summer Stereo Special – Radio F1 The stars of F1 host their own radio shows and spin Gareth Jones On Speed tunes (in stereo for the first time).  Robin Smith and The Queuer, Punk Floyd, Rolling Roads, The Y Factor Contestants. Plus “Ford Cortina” a brand new song from the Rolling Roads.

rolling roads

The Rolling Roads – Ford Cortina

Back in the 60s cars were alright
At 70 miles an hour they could give you a fright
Triumph TR5 was cool and hip
Cross-ply tyres never gave you no grip.

The M1 motorway was fresh and new
The only people on it were John Lennon and you
Mini skirts designed by Mary Quant
So you can always get, what you want.

Don’t want an Austin, or a Morris either
I can’t live with a Vauxhall Viva
I’m a Dagenham man, and I want something meaner
I wanna own a Ford Cortina.
Ford Cortina, Ford Cortina
Ford Cortina, Ford Cortina

Richard Porter everybody knows
Writes Sniff Petrol, he has other woes
Hears the same phrase wherever he goes
Hey Richard! “My Dad, He Had One Of Those”

Ford Cortina, Ford Cortina
Ford Cortina, Ford Cortina.

When choosing a new car I consult My Baby
Reciprocating pistons for me and My Lady
The Wankel engine, a good idea maybe?
Like the rotary block in the NSU Ro80.
Yeah the Ro80.

Don’t want an Austin or a Morris either
I can’t live with a Vauxhall Viva
I’m a Dagenham man, and I want something meaner
I wanna own a Ford Cortina, yeah!

Ford Cortina,
I wanna own a Ford Cortina baby.

We didn’t know bad breath was called halitosis
Mini was designed by Arthur Issiginosis
Drivers had no air bags, kids had no booster
The Stones had only just released ‘lil Red Rooster.


Well alright it’s true
Alright baby, I wanna drive that Ford Cortina
4 on the floor not 3 on a tree
(Like the old Mk2 Consul 375 Low-line).
Yeah well alright baby.

A 1600E give it to me
I want my…..
2000E that’ll do me better I think.

Yeah A Ford Cortina, I love ya I love ya
A Ford Cortina
You’re a little square, a Ford Cortina
I love ya, I love ya

A Ford Cortina.

(I like the Mk1 actually best)

It’s good to buy a car, built on a Tuesday
The quality control is often the best
Pleased to buy you
I hope you’re built the same.

It looks quite American doesn’t it?
I want one of those little tiger tails
hanging off the rear-view mirror now
I wanna collect them little World Cup coins
Yeah oh woooh!

It’s a bit long innit?
Just.....you should know when to stop man
Just stop now, it not funny it’s not even good
I’m chipping out of here
I’ll leave a recording of myself.

If that’s the way your gonna be Keef, I’m going home.
Where’s me bus pass?


Written, performed and produced by Gareth Jones
Mick’s voice by Phil Cornwell

© Gareth Jones 2005-2009