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Gareth Jones On Speed Extra Info:

The Show

Gareth Jones On Speed began in 2005 as a bit of fun for TV presenter Gareth Jones, who wanted to create a kind of “Fantasy Football” type show for cars & motorsport. News, the humour, songs, games, sketches, reviews and interviews gives this podcast an irreverent and entertaining feel. Since then the show has steadily built up a loyal base of subscribers until it is now the most popular audio podcast about cars in the world. (ref: iTunes ‘automotive’ category) This year, big name motoring manufacturers and media groups have caught onto the power of podcasting and many have launched their own. However, “Gareth Jones On Speed” continues to beat them in the ratings, even though it continues to be made by a small independent TV and podcasting company, with no sponsors, no fuss, no noise… just a show people want to listen to. Primarily an audio podcast, occasionally however the schedule includes video editions.

The On Speed Team

Gareth Jones
Gareth Jones - TV & Radio presenter/producer and motorsport reporter.


Zog - (real name Paul Ireson) - New media producer and technology journalist.


Alex Goy
Alex Goy - Motoring journalist writer and broadcaster


Sarah Leach
Sarah Leach - broadcast journalist, reporter, and producer/director specialising in sport and lifestyle.


Richard Porter
Richard Porter - Script editor on BBC's Top Gear & Amazon's Grand Tour and the man behind the cult website

Violet Berlin
Violet Berlin - TV presenter, writer and science communicator, "Britain's Best-Known Girl Gamer".

Gareth Jones On Speed at a glance.

A new episode of Gareth Jones On Speed is published every 14 days. It is recorded in north London

The show is edited, mixed and produced for by Gareth

Listen for free here:

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You can also visit the Official Gareth Jones On Speed YouTube mini-site, where you can view and share Gareth Jones On Speed Video episodes and make comments on them.

Gareth Jones On Speed can be downloaded for free from the iTunes Store. It is in iTunes Store/Podcasts/Leisure/Automotive

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How You Can Support Gareth Jones On Speed

Gareth Jones On Speed, is now listened to regularly by tens of thousands of people around the globe. But your support, encouragement and feedback is what keeps us going.

Spread the word. If you like the podcast, do tell your friends, colleagues, suppliers and anyone else you think might be interested.

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Gareth Jones On Speed is the most popular British automotive audio podcast in the UK iTunes Store. (source:iTunes)

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