Berlin Jones in association with “How2” presents:

How Everything You Know Could Be Wrong

Teviot Sportsmans at The Gilded Balloon 20 – 28 August 2005 (please note this event occured in the past)

London Preview, 8:00pm Monday 20 June 2005: Lowdown at The Albany, 240 Gt Portland Street, London W1

This summer, and for one week only, “How2” presenter and cult figure Gareth Jones celebrates 20 consecutive years hosting British TV shows by appearing live at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival’s Gilded Balloon with his debut one person show, How Everything You Know Could Be Wrong.

From start to finish, this eye-opening event gives you the chance to join in and play your own part in an energetic romp through truth, rumour and downright fibs.

There’s something for baby-boomers and younger fans alike, as Gareth tells the story of his life— from his youth in rural North Wales, and his life as alter ego, Gaz Top, roadie to the stars, to making it as a TV presenter rubbing shoulders with the great and the good.

Every step of the way, the cult TV presenter directly involves the audience in his trademark mischievous experiments and unusual science tricks, creating an event that relies on the public’s reactions to make it different each time.

Raising eyebrows, as well as a number of laughs, Gareth reveals how two decades creating children’s TV has taught him how everything we know could indeed be wrong… from the somewhat serious to the supremely silly, such as:

• The “How” He Couldn’t Show On TV
• How Gareth Got It All Wrong
• How To Dislocate Your Arm (Without Hurting Yourself!)

A Fringe Festival first timer, Gareth is thrilled to be performing live, “Two decades on TV means I’ve absorbed masses of information, but I’ve also learned that many things we believe to be facts are just plain wrong, so I wanted to set the record straight. It’s the first time I’ve ever done anything quite like this, so I’m sure it’s not just the audience who are in for a few surprises!”

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"How Everything You Know Could Be Wrong"

Notes to editors:
Over the past 20 years, Gareth has been re-incarnated almost as many times as Dr. Who. After going on tour as roadie for 80s rockers The Alarm, as well as U2 in the early days, he first appeared on TV under his roadie nickname, Gaz Top, and – alongside Phil Cornwell’s ‘Gilbert The Alien’ — presented Saturday morning zoo TV show, Get Fresh!

After reverting to his real name, Gareth Jones, he’s presented How2 (the re-make of the cult 60s show ‘How’) since the first series when Carol Vorderman sat alongside Fred Dinenage on the team.
He then re-invented himself yet again to present the BBC TV’s more grown-up science show, Tomorrow’s World and ITV1’s latest motor sports magazine, Speed Sunday.

As well as presenting on TV, Gareth is an experienced live performer, with credits at places from BAFTA to Butlins. However he has never written and performed in his own one person show before and How Everything You Know Could Be Wrong is his debut Edinburgh Fringe performance.

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