Keeping Up with Gareth Jones


Due to the huge amount of work generated by Gareth Jones On Speed, we have suspended news features for the time being. Currently the best way to keep up with what Gareth is doing is by following him on twitter.

Gareth's Twitter protocols are here

Or by subscribing to the podcast, to do that click here.

Or you could visit the Gareth Jones - Gaz Top Facebook page which is updated regularly.


Here is a small sample of some of the stuff Gareth has been up - a video produced by Gareth & Violet's company WhizzBang for the Intellectual Property Office and currently shown in the “Wallace and Gromit present . . . A World Cracking Ideas” exhibition in the Glasgow Science Centre.

You can still view the news archive with stories that reach as far back as 1998. Simply click on the archive button to the right of this window