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Gareth Jones on BBC Radio

Over the last couple of years Gareth has written, presented and produced a number of programmes for the BBC

The Tale Of Two Welsh Cars

The Tale Of Two Welsh Cars

Gareth & a Gilbern Invader Estate

"The Tale Of Two Welsh Cars" - a radio documentary about two Welsh car-makers. Broadcast in April 2017

Rockin The Gogs

"Rockin the Gogs": A 2-part radio documentary telling the story of 2 iconic north Wales music venues. Broadcast in August 2016


Erin, Gareth & Neil

The Jones Brothers

"The Jones Brothers". 3 hours of music and utter nonses from Gareth & his old ally Steve Allan Jones



3 Gareths, 3 Steves, 2 great friends

Dim Saesneg (No English)

Dim Saesneg

Gareth Jones, yn Cymraeg hefyd.

"Dim Saesneg" 2 hours of Welsh & International music- hosted entirely in the Welsh language on BBC Radio Cymru Mwy

These programmes were produced by WhizzBang for the BBC

WhizzBang TV
BBC Radio Wales

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