Factual Programmes

As well as 6 years of hands-on science programme "The Big Bang" and a marathon 15 years presenting general factual show How2 (both on ITV1), Gareth has hosted numerous factual entertainment series. Being a trained engineer, most of Gareth's factual ouput covers science, engineering and technology, although there are exceptions (see bottom of page).

Gareth Jones & Katie Knapman host Tomorrow's World in 2003

First, the sci-tech programmes. These include:

"Tomorrow's World Roadshows" for BBC1 in 2003
"Tech" for Network of The World in 2002
"Sci-Busters" for Discovery Kids in 2001
"The Kit" on BBC Knowledge in 2000
"Nature's Timekeeper"for BBC Radio 4 in 1999.
"Across The Universe" for BBC Wales 1996
"The Big Byte" for BBC Radio 5 Live 1994 -1996
"Digital World" for Channel One in 1996.
"Cyber Wales" for BBC Wales in 1996.
"Spaced Out" for BBC Radio 5 Live 1995.
"The Video Show " for ITV in 1995.
"An Afternoon On The Moon" for BBC1 in 1994.

Gareth's work on non science/technology/engineering factual entertainment programmes includes:

"KellyVision" an ITV series that looked behind the scenes in the film and television industries.
 "Pssst! - The Really Useful Guide to Alcohol" a guide to sensible drinking for BBC1.