Rock 'n Roll: The Days Before Television

After leaving school, Gareth worked as a technician in an engineering laboratory, for a short time, before heading off around the world as a roadie. Between 1979 and 1985 Gareth Jones toured the world with a variety of bands, including U2 and The Stray Cats, but the bulk of the time Gareth was the guitar technician for massively popular 80s rock band, The Alarm. Whilst never actually a member of the band Gareth's relationship with the Alarm was certainly more than just hired labour, and along with fellow the north Walian drum tech Redeye contributed in many ways to the development of the band and even made an appearance in their video for "68 Guns". It was during this time that Gareth was bestowed his Gaz Top moniker, by Mike Peters.


The Alarm Roadcrew 1984